Wellbeing Chakra

Wellbeing is a peaceful state of being where satisfaction, contend-ness is at the core.

In Wellbeing, there is a purpose to live. Habits power up to bring abundant energy. Respect is visible. Awareness is, is. In family, love is the currency, and money is secondary. Friends are close-knit and available. The body is healthy and rested.The mind is happy, relaxed, and motivated. Each morning begins with Spiritual growth and day ends with fulfillment.

Wellbeing is important. Wellbeing allows you to be happy. Wellbeing aids you to find strength. Wellbeing sustains you, your family, and the people around you. Wellbeing helps you to navigate you through difficult times. Wellbeing may be perceived as intangible but has many concrete benefits.

A wellbeing is a balancing act with many attributes. Remember you are not alone in your Wellbeing journey. Let us walk together.

Wellbeing Test

Test your wellbeing daily

In this short quiz there will be 10 random mutiple choice questions related to Wellbeing. At the end of the test you will be presented with a certificate and your score in %.


Individual Counseling, Family Counseling, and Mentoring

Letting go –
Stress, Anxiety, Depression has an effect on Body, Mind & Soul. We work with you to understand what and how it has affected you on all three levels. We find strategies together so that you can enjoy Wellbeing you deserve.


Growth Parenting
Being a parent provides a lifelong opportunity to grow and discover the potential of your children. “Good enough” parents accept their role of improving themselves with their children in each phase of growth. We find strategies for you and your children so that you can enjoy Wellbeing you deserve.


Self- Esteem
Self-Esteem is about being Self- Conscious, Self -Accepting and being responsible for your own Self. The process of gaining healthy self-confidence helps you to live with a purpose. We work with you on your Wellbeing journey to connect “you to yourself” and be authentic-self


Mid-Life Opportunities
Life is about change. You may have migrated, changed careers, or are required to find new avenues. For some, it can be a challenge. We work with you to find strength and skills that can help you in your Wellbeing journey.


Partners in Relationships
Being together is a joy. The melody of togetherness can be enjoyed when both dance on the same tune. We explore, communicate with each other to tune into the song that would help to enjoy the wellbeing in your relationship.


Standing up Independent
For some to be independent is a long hard journey. Pain has battered Self-confidence, and self- doubt has crept in for such soul, we help by holding up with compassion. We work together in kindness, and with the empathetic conversation in your wellbeing journey.


Peace in Solitude
Loneliness creates many mental health issues. We find strategies that suit you to convert loneliness into solitude. We discover that some journeys are better done alone while enjoying peace and quietness.


Spiritual Understanding
For those who wonder the meaning of life, for those who meditate and yet find no peace. We work with you to understand and rediscover world-view that makes sense to you. We challenge, we debate and make understanding along the way that helps to live life with content.


Wellbeing Package
Wellbeing Package is intended to expand your awareness with more profound lifestyle living. You will learn strategies that will help you to continue enjoying the meditative state of mind in daily activities with less or no efforts.



C-Prana facilitates workshops on

  • Wellbeing Matters
  • Letting Go
  • Growth Parenting
  • Self-Esteem
  • Midlife – Opportunities
  • Partners in Relationship
  • Standing up Independent
  • Peace in Solitude
  • Spiritual Understanding

We facilitate to share each other's ideas, beliefs, and values in an open, honest, and respectful way to learn more about ourselves. Each workshop extends between one to two hours.

At the end of the workshop, participants would receive

  • Strategies,
  • Handouts, and
  • Individual assistance for their Wellbeing journey.

C-Prana also offers workshops under flagship banner of Sewa Australia - http://sewaaustralia.org/

Wellbeing Package
Wellbeing Package is intended to expand your awareness with more profound lifestyle living. You will learn strategies that will help you to continue enjoying the meditative state of mind in daily activities with less or no efforts.

C-Prana tailors Wellbeing Package to meet your specific need like personal and spiritual growth, mental & emotional health issues, and much more.

We will be holding your hand on every step of your journey towards health & wellbeing.


To discover intrinsic nature with greater depth and awareness to experience stillness, inner peace, mindfulness, and inner-joy & happiness.

What do I learn

  • Wellbeing techniques that are suitable for your Lifestyle.
  • Develop concentration with imagination and visualisation techniques
  • Balance – using sound energy & vibrations of Mantras (The Power words)
  • Journey to Serenity
  • Wellbeing methods for emotional balance & strength
  • Life-style meditation

How does it work

  • Handouts
  • Discussions
  • Practical sessions
  • Journal
  • Practice sessions

Learning outcomes

  • Higher Level of Relaxation
  • Greater awareness & understanding
  • Join missing links – to live mindfully
  • Ability to control own thoughts
  • Inner-peace & Happiness

Course Details

Total Duration: 8 weeks

6 Regular sessions and 2 Practice sessions, one per week

session duration up to 50 minutes each

To book Trial Session, Please contact.

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About Us

C-Prana stands for Conscious Being. C-Prana's Vision, Mission, and Priority is Wellbeing.

C-Prana intends to be a bridge between western Counseling/ Psychological treatments and Eastern Wisdom. C-Prana promises to give a room to your experience without judgment and provide holistic therapy for your concerns.

Through C-Prana, Uday endeavors to be your Wellbeing Counseller/Coach. Uday has an education and professional background in Engineering, Information Technology, Management, Counseling, and Life Coaching.

Where required C-Prana may refer you to other alternative therapy providers in your journey towards Wellbeing.

For example-

The Essence of Meditation - https://www.essenceofmeditation.com.au/

The Blog

Why Me?

October 07 2019 Uday

In this blog, I would like to share my personal understanding of what helps in the issue of “Why me?” theme.

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