Why Me?

At my workplace, people contact me every day. I offer my listening ears, empathy, and support. I am trained to do that. I also bring my individual life experience to the aide of the Help Seeker. No, I do not share my life story, although I share my understanding of Life to connect with the Help Seeker. In those contacts, many times, there is a theme.

In this blog, I would like to share my personal understanding of what helps in the issue of “Why me?” theme.

Let me take a few scenarios –

  1. Circumstances around birth have shunted entire life.
  2. Abused by someone responsible and that has messed up the entire life.
  3. Got caught up in work cover issue and now it is mentally and physically tormenting.

And many more, the list is endless.

I am also sure that all my readers have asked that question to themselves at some point. If not, ask now. Yes, right now. When you ask that question, “Why Me?”

You would receive one of the two answers– because I am entitled or because I am a victim. Remember The current mindset or circumstances you created have provided the answer.

If one believes that they are the victim, then life becomes difficult to live. Then there is pain, hurt, anger, mental health issues, relationship troubles, addiction, financial trouble, and so on.

We (Help seeker and I) find strategies that aide the help seeker in “here and now” and I also recommend resources that may improve quality of life. Many clients do have strategies like mindfulness drawing, eating, or going for a walk or jog, writing, or distracting themselves. Some are ready to get appointment psychologists and psychiatrists. Although I like to recommend

Acceptance of what has happened –

I try to bring awareness to the fact of things that we cannot control things like –

Mindset towards Change

The only thing we can influence control is a mindset that makes change possible. For example, finding at least one positive thing in anything that is happening around. Baby steps are essential before we could run like Husein Bolt (metaphorically).


I believe that meditation provides a person sight to separate themselves from the issues. Through successful Meditation,

To my understanding “Why me?” involves “me, my and mine” component, which is the basis of persons natural ego. Meditation helps to reduce this ego.

Indian culture believes in “Karma.” Although Karma deals with past and future and staying in the present is the best present we can give ourselves. Hence Meditation seems to be the best option for me.

In this blog, I am sharing my understanding that meditation helps. I do Mantra meditation, and that has helped me a lot.

I hope reading above has helped you in some ways.